Gary Stowe & Janet Saunders

"When our duo ‘Saunders & Stowe’ began to develop harmonies for a selection of covers and original songs we sought the professional advice of Lorraine Vogel.

Lorraine’s positive guidance and critical ear were instrumental in helping us become performance ready. While rehearsing on our own, it was difficult to objectively assess the songs and harmonies.

Recordings were not adequate in recreating the audience experience. Our duo consisted of a soprano voice and rich bass voice which at times was difficult to blend. Lorraine helped develop the harmonies to blend and bring the voices closer together, and gave excellent advice on how to vary our dynamics. Lorraine gave positive, practical stagecraft directions gained from her vast experience performing as a soloist, band member and choir director. From her perspective as a professional musician and experienced performer Lorraine watched our proposed show and gave constructive feedback on the choice of music, harmonies and delivery. This was vital to the success of our musical debut.”

Jean Marshall (photo: David Tobin)

"Lorraine has a vast history of experience in the music industry as a performer, teacher and choir director over many years. I have sought her coaching assistance on several different occasions over the past six years to address a number of areas including performance anxiety, song crafting, microphone technique, and more recently, analysis of a demo to explore balance and communication between musicians. I have always appreciated Lorraine’s informed, honest and considered feedback delivered in a warm and caring manner.”