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Coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and available to individuals and groups. You can choose the area you want to target or I can provide general feedback. You can choose a one-off, one hour session or a series of sessions for more intensive work. Individuals and small groups can attend my Faulconbridge studio in the beautiful Blue Mountains, or for larger groups I can travel to your rehearsal space.

Nine months pregnant and still singing

The short answer is ANYONE! Here are some examples of the ways I’ve helped other musos…

  • a professional muso who wants a fresh set of eyes on their act and some targeted input
  • a duo starting out needing help with blending, harmonies and stagecraft
  • a Jazz singer needing some confidence and guidance with delivery
  • someone who dreams about singing at karaoke but has never had the courage to try
  • an HSC music student needing some confidence for an upcoming performance exam
  • an acoustic musician needing some microphone technique
  • a gigging band wanting to improve their look, delivery and stage presence
  • a singer wanting to audition for a role in a local musical production
  • a total beginner who wants to sing but doesn't even know if they can hold a tune
  • an ensemble needing some creative song and arrangement ideas
  • a bride or groom wanting to perform a song on their wedding day
  • a friend who wants to gift a song for a celebration or event
  • someone who has never performed for an audience before but wants to try
  • someone who has an idea for a song but needs a bit of help shaping it
  • an acapella group needing some polishing up before a show