Coaching a vocal ensemble

I love music and the joy and meaning it brings to our lives. I get just as much of a thrill from seeing a total novice conquer their first performance nerves as I do in helping accomplished musicians hone their crafts and take their music to new heights. Whether it's vocal or instrumental, pop, rock, classical, individual, duo, trio, band or large ensemble, I am passionate about helping musicians of all genres and abilities to perform at their best.

Drawing on more than thirty years experience in the music industry as a performer, teacher, conductor and director, I offer friendly, honest feedback and musical support to anyone wanting to improve their performance skills. With extensive experience in coaching musicians of all genres, I can help you to hone your craft and deliver music that connects with audiences. Consider me your “musical mum” who will encourage and guide you to perform at your best.


Conducting a choir
  • Bachelor of Education (Music)
  • Over 30 years music teaching (schools & private tuition)
  • Qualified Careers Adviser
  • Choir Director
  • Conductor
  • Arranger
  • Singer
  • Pianist/Keyboard Player
  • Songwriter
  • Music Coach